8 AI strategies from the White House

Technology is making rapid progress in every sphere. There is hardly any domain in today’s world that does not imbibe the advantages of technology to make its operations perfect. Especially when it comes to applications and functionalities of the healthcare sector, technology has changed the definition of efficiency and productivity for the sector.

Today, detecting and diagnosing diseases have become more accurate and easier with the help of technological advancements. Also, the medical field deploys various machinery and techniques that are reliant on modern technology. Hence, the functioning of the healthcare sector has now become dependent on technology.

The latest addition to the series of technological progress has been the introduction of AI (artificial intelligence). The entire healthcare industry is expected to reap out the benefits of this technological milestone in terms of improved services and products.

The future of the healthcare industry is dependent on the betterment of AI. The more the AI becomes sophisticated and user-friendly, the better the industry is sure to perform. Hence, the whole world is looking forward to the improvement of AI and one of the most significant contributors in the health domain, the US cannot stay lag behind under this situation.

The USA has also taken some strategic moves to make AI technologies more polished. Here are the top eight strategies that the white house has sanctioned as a plan to boost the AI applications in the future.

1. Investment Plans

The USA has opted for a long term investment plan on AI. The future demand for more intrinsic and capable versions of AI is a much-required tool for the healthcare sector to reach its apex productivity level. Also, new dimensions of healthcare services can be launched and practiced with more investment funneled down to AI research. Keeping the future need for better AI in mind, the United States has planned to make long-term investments in AI research projects.

2. Human-AI Collaboration

AI aims at replacing human capabilities. But, it is not always possible to exactly replicate the human abilities through a similar AI. However, research is going on to diminish the gap between how humans work and how AI responds. The lesser the gap would be, the more accurate the AI would become. Hence, the emphasis has been moved towards making AI more human-like to complement human abilities perfectly.

3. Incorporation Of Ethical Verticals

What makes a human different from a machine is the individual potential to think and analyze. A large part of human thoughts remains dominated by ethical considerations and societal thoughts and standards. If AI has to complement human abilities perfectly well, it must be technically equipped to consider the social, legal, and ethical aspects related to every work done. Hence, the United States has decided to lay priority on researches that would deal with this aspect of the up-gradation of AI.

4. The Trustworthiness

According to the plans, the latest versions of AI must be reliable and dependable. Since AI would deal with an enormous volume of data, it is of paramount importance that the system should be made completely fortified and safe. Thus, emphasis on the development of AI that would be completely trustworthy would be paid.

5. Access To Dataset

According to this strategic plan, future AI would be capable of allowing access to high-quality data set and environment to enable a better system of AI training and testing. Without proper training and testing, no technology can be handled properly. Hence, this measure is a critical one, as well.

6. Evaluation

The development of AI would be further equipped with a process of evaluation and measurement of the AI technologies. Technology posses the scope of continuous revisions and improvement, which can be easily implemented by keeping some separate arrangements for evaluation and benchmark settings for measuring and accessing the AI technologies to keep them out of any flaw.

7. R & D Training In AI

The R & D departments of healthcare must get introduced and trained for AI technologies so that the future can have a completely Ai savvy workforce capable of handling all the AI-related applications.

8. Public Involvement

The market should create many opportunities to ensure more public funds flowing into the AI development and R & D. Investment should take place in the field of academics, research, industries, and every other avenue related to the healthcare industry to give it an equal boost from every dimension.

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