Adoption of AI: An Equal Mix Between Optimism and Skepticism

Over the last few years, Artificial Intelligence is gaining application in almost every aspect of life. Business owners are already adopting it with an open mind. They are whole-heartedly investing in it to get higher returns in the future, but the question arises as to whether consumers are also comfortable with its adoption or not.

With an aim to assess consumers’ knowledge, comfort level and adoption rate of AI, a number of consumer surveys were conducted. The results revealed that the adoption rates are quite confusing for Artificial Intelligence among consumers.

While government sectors and large business owners are fully adopting the latest technological advancements in their operations, small business owners and consumers are still confused about embracing AI.

Parameters Used to Measure AI Adoption

The study was conducted based on a number of parameters. First of all, it aimed at finding out whether consumers understand the aspects of Artificial Intelligence and whether they are knowledgeable about its working.

Next, it aimed at measuring the consumers’ comfort level with Artificial Intelligence in different industries. Consumers’ comfort level plays a great role in determining whether businesses should adopt AI in their operations or not. If the consumers are comfortable with the application of AI, then only businesses will be able to address their concerns.

The study also aimed at finding out the factors that influenced the extent of AI adoption rate among small businesses and consumers.

Reasons for Uncertainty

According to the survey, there was an equal distribution between consumers who seemed well-versed with Artificial Intelligence and felt optimistic towards it and those who felt skeptical for its adoption. The reason behind this skepticism is the misinformation that TV, social media and Sci-Fi movies have spread among the masses. This is due to the lack of understanding that people feel hesitant towards interaction with AI and adopting it in their everyday life.

Another observation indicated that people are positive towards adopting Artificial Intelligence for industries like entertainment and commerce, but they become diffident when it comes to applying AI to their personal finances and healthcare. This is probably because they feel that their personal information and life is put at risk with this. But the fact is that instead of conveniences, AI can prove to be more useful in fields of necessity, like finances and healthcare.

These are areas where sensitive information is used and even a minor human error can lead to drastic consequences. AI can be of great help under such circumstances.

Future of Artificial Intelligence in Varied Industries

Here are a few industries where AI can be hugely applicable and useful in the near future.

  • Customer Service: It has been found that consumers feel more comfortable when they are asked to interact with Artificial Intelligence. Using automated customer service instead of hiring real humans not only increases value, speed and convenience, but also consumer comfort and satisfaction levels.

It has to be noted that Artificial Intelligence is already being widely adopted in customer service centers, in the form of automated customer care centers and chatbots.

  • Healthcare: Healthcare industry, and the products and services involved in it, can be largely affected by the application of Artificial Intelligence. But as of now, consumers are still irresolute about its application, probably because it involves a lot of personal information and data.

AI has already been helping healthcare experts to diagnose conditions, make decisions, plan treatments, and choosing between medicines and surgery. An equal number of consumers are optimistic and fearful of AI in the healthcare industry. However, it has been speculated that over the next decade, AI will make a strong footing in healthcare with higher adoption rates from consumers as well.

  • Cybersecurity: Almost everything in our daily life is moving towards automation. Whether you want to book your tickets, order a product, avail a service, send money to your loved ones, or find any kind of information on the internet, you have to enter a great deal of personal and financial data in each step. This is why consumers feel worried about the protection of their personal information.

Again, there is an equal number of consumers who feel that AI will help in keeping their personal data secured and those who lack such confidence. It has also been observed that businesses are bound to become even more careful about keeping their consumers’ information safe and protected.

To conduct these surveys, a number of adults across different parts of the US were assigned, differing from each other in terms of age, gender, income, education, and employment. We, at sepStream®, can provide some of the best AI tools and techniques to deliver the fastest results accurately, and guide you through AI adoption and methodologies in your setting. So, browse through our products today and let us know how we can help you.