AI is a Growing Market for Entrepreneurs

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a booming market for businesses. When it comes to AI applications in medical sciences and health care, there is a steady influx of entrepreneurs, as per reports released by the Entrepreneur.

Brian Hughes, CEO, Integrity Marketing & Consulting wrote, “This technology stands up on the cusp, ready to improve nearly every industry; and it offers a myriad of opportunities for entrepreneurs able to imagine and execute new applications for the future.”

In addition, the AI market focused on healthcare is predicted to grow into over $36.1 billion industry in the coming years. This literally translates to a massive growth of 50 percent through 2025. Moreover, financing for these advanced AI-based technologies is also rising. AI is already in use in various clinical settings, and especially for imaging. As such, the untapped potential of AI in healthcare is being much talked about to bring a wealth of opportunities specific to all entrepreneurs.

Hughes also added, “From research to diagnosis and treatment, the AI applications in healthcare have barely scratched the surface, leaving a wide field for entrepreneurs to enter.”


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