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America Is Facing A Severe Shortage of Medical Supplies: Here’s Why

Almost a year into the Covid-19 pandemic, the U.S. Strategic National Stockpile is still facing problems, the shortage of PPE (personal protective equipment), test-kit reagents, and ICU medications continue. Though it is unbelievable, these shortages still remain unsolved. Rather, the situation is getting worse continuously. Nursing homes, hospitals, and other medical practices are forced to […]

Radiologists, healthcare workers are sick of praise, they’re looking for more pay

Healthcare staff, which includes radiologists, are no longer happy with the mere congratulatory claps they received throughout this ongoing pandemic. What they want is a pay raise. Even last month, workers of National Health Services in the United Kingdom made their way to the streets with the demand for a hike. Thousands of healthcare workers […]

2021 Medicare Physician Fee Schedule Causes Concerns

The latest analysis of the new 2021 Medicare Physician Fee Schedule is finding more ways for radiologists to detest the new proposal. There are several valid reasons to do so. Consulting company Healthcare Administrative Partners shared a deep dive recently, highlighting substantial cuts of doc payments in the coming year. While the numbers are already […]

5 RIS/PACS Integration Considerations

Today, the efficiency of the health care system is determined by the quality of care physicians deliver to critical patients. Under pressure, information-based decision-making takes the lead. It is important to ensure patient data is available and properly utilized for active decision-making. However, as it is present in different systems across innumerable healthcare providers, information […]

Prof. Hilbert: ‘The merger between biological and AI has already crossed beyond any point of return’

History is the metaphor of time that upholds all the moments of amazement together. Also, it helps us understand the path of evolution for the human race. From biological sciences to mathematical derivations, history escapes nothing while compiling information regarding time. The world has evolved from a mass of gas to its present natural opulence […]

Diagnostic Imaging Pay Continues To Drop Except Nuclear Medicine

Healthcare is one of the primary aspects that every nation needs to look after to keep the population healthy and working. The better the quality of a country’s human resources, the higher are the chances of the nation to ascend the stairs of success and prosperity. With phenomenal advancement in science and technology over the […]

Gadolinium Debate Rages On, With Radiologist Questioning Recent GBCA Liability Guidance

The human body contains plenty of elements that ensure the proper composition and functioning of the organs.  Calcium, magnesium, iron, sodium, potassium are some of the elements that make up our body. While a measured amount of all these elements ensure the safety of health, accumulation of any of these beyond a level can be […]

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