Google Is Collecting Massive Amounts Of Healthcare Data

Healthcare has emerged as one of the most important sectors in recent times. From a social point of view, it surely has a lot to contribute, but even from the business perspective, healthcare is adding in a substantial amount to the economy. It is not only one of the primary employers across the countries, but also is the provider of safety and health protection to the populations therein. Therefore, it is earning more significance every day and is growing rapidly.

Technology has taken every sector under its influence and the healthcare sector is also not an exception to the trend. The day-to-day healthcare operations have now become more comfortable and hassle-free with several tools and techniques being implemented. One of the most significant tasks which bothered many healthcare professionals for decades was keeping the data and the records. As technology took over, the job of data handling became easier than ever.

The Healthcare sector deals with a substantial volume of data related to the patients. Not every disease gets treated within a short span. Some treatment processes stretch over a long period. Keeping the records intact for such treatment procedures is thus a mandatory requisite for flawless services. When the data was kept manually, files and records used to go missing or sometimes the physical records perished over time.

However, with technological advancement, data handling became independent of human efforts and reliant on techniques and tools. This ensured the protection of an extensive amount of data for long and zero chances of lost data or tampered data. Manual errors became zero with the technological advancements and cloud-based data handling methods.

When it comes to technology, Google is the name that appears on the mind immediately. Of late, Google has almost become synonymous with technology, and it has contributed to the field of technology considerably over the last few decades. With plenty of research works and developments to its credit, Google is a name that can be relied on, blindfolded.

Collection Of Data By Google

As a part of Google’s latest endeavours, the company is collecting a massive amount of data from the healthcare domain to keep it safe for long. According to several sources, Google is going to use the information for development for AI technology and advanced diagnostic methods as well.

Surely the intention of the company is beneficial, but the method of acquiring the data has stirred some controversies in the market. Several sources are o the opinion that collecting the data has not been through sweetheart deals and that Google has forged the existing relationship with the healthcare sector to get the data.

Google has set up several projects under which it is collecting healthcare data. It has already requested NHS to provide the company with the necessary data backup. However, Google is not sitting idle waiting for the acceptance of the proposal by NHS. Instead, it has already started taking initiatives to fuel its projects related to AI development for the healthcare sector by sourcing enormous data from across the market.

Several sources have also reported that Google offers different types of services for getting these data from the healthcare sector. According to the statistical records, Google has already accumulated a substantial volume of data from the health care sector is collecting more every day. Therefore, almost every variety of data will be available with Google shortly, which will help the company to take the technologies related to the healthcare sector further.

Reason For Collecting Data

Controversies apart, Google has claimed that they will be using this data to make the future of the healthcare sector securer and safer. Also, they have emphasized the fact that a significant chunk of this data will be further used to develop innovative technologies supportive of day-to-day healthcare sector tasks.

Another reason why Google is collecting is a huge amount of healthcare data from the market is that it wants to develop more products to sell in the market. With the available data, Google wishes to come up with more innovative techniques and tools that would aid the process of healthcare sector operations. Surely it has a business vertical associated with its intention. Still, it should also be kept in mind, that any innovation will ultimately be of benefit to the industry as well.

Google is a brand that stands for trust, reliability, innovation and advancement. Therefore, there is much to be expected out of this endeavour of Google. Undoubtedly there remain differences in opinion and controversies related to the process of data collection by Google. Still, beyond criticisms, if Google comes up with any innovation beneficial for the healthcare sector, the advantages reaped therein would get more focused than the path pursued in the long run.

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