Hospital Setups Mission Control Like NASA in Houston

The healthcare institutions have recently administered the concept of Mission Control Centre along with GE Healthcare. They use analytical predictions to integrate patient care across eight of CHI Franciscan’s critical care hospitals.

About Mission Control Center

In July, GE Healthcare and Canada-based Humber River Hospital announced their partnership to construct one of the first command centers of the future. The event took place in Toronto and marked the inclusion of artificial intelligence in the medical field. The professionals of this hospital are hopeful that such integration of AI technology would help the practitioners to deliver advanced medical services to the patients.

The center will be spread across the 4500 square foot area featuring GE Analytic Tiles. It will be using artificial intelligence along with thoughtful design and predictive analytics to provide improved clinical services. The professionals are hopeful that AI technology will pave the pathway to making their institution a highly reliable one in the market.

The center will be established in CHI Franciscan’s Medical Clinic with a strength of 18 screens in Gig Harbor. There will be a presence of three hospital-based cable locations, namely at:

  • Joseph Medical Center in Tacoma
  • Francis Hospital in Federal Way
  • Harrison Medical Center in Silverdale

The Mission Control Center will display data across different locations using 12 data-rich tiles. According to the speech given by Mary Ragsdale, a member of the Mission Control Board, such integration is going to increase access to medical facilities. It is going to increase the chances of the patients to access the services of the hospitals. That means, the professionals can cater to the needs of the patients beyond expectations.

According to the sources, GE Tiles provides decision support tools to the command center to help in the accumulation of data from multiple resources. The system would give aid to the staff to carry out their daily works at the center without any hassles. The support tools would enable the professionals to expedite as well as synchronize the patent care activities properly. As a result, this would help the medical professionals to practice excellent care and services for the welfare of the patients.

Aims of the Mission Control Center

The command center uses AI technology to identify the irregularities or potential problems before they advance to the emergency stage. According to the professionals, the center would feature around 16 distinct analytic tiles from GE. However, with time, they aim to expand the data structure to include information from the wearable technologies. They also intend to use these data to provide care to the patients outside the hospital.

According to the experts, the predictive analytics would help in centralizing the patient care across 8 of CHI Franciscan’s critical care hospitals. It is the fifth hospital on a global platform to utilize this technology for enhancing the output of the patient care system in the medical field. Also, this hospital would be the first one in the Washington state that has integrated such an advanced AI technology to provide high-end results to its patients in the medical industry.

According to the Division Director of Mission Control Center, Matt Metsker, with the expansion of the healthcare system, comes the necessity of coordinating the services. With the integration of AI technology, professionals would be able to manage the data and deliver excellent patient care services without any hassles. Also, they aim to expand the services to fulfill all the requirements of its patients across the global platform.

Features of Mission Control Center in Hospitals

Some of the unique features of the Mission Control Center are:

  • Excellent Medical Assistance to All

The Center aims to provide high-end medical facilities to each patient across its locations. As per the reports, the hospital is targeting to expand services to reach out to patients beyond their current geographic location. Hence, in simpler terms, they aim to provide excellent medical assistance to all patients across the global market.

  • Easier to Navigate

The entire concept of the Mission Control Centre is to facilitate the navigation and exploration of the medical facilities available in the market. They aim to assist the patients even beyond the periphery of the hospitals. So, one does not always have to reach the healthcare institution to get medical services.

  • Reliability

Not only does the hospital aim to provide high-end services, but it also wishes to establish a transparent relationship with the patients as well. With the availability of such benefits, the patients can access services that are more reliable and trustworthy.

The developers of such a concept strongly believe that it is going to lower the waiting time for obtaining the best medical services. It will increase the experience as well as help the medical professionals to balance their work correctly.

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