Jeff Bezos Vs. COVID-19

Healthcare is the pillar of any country. Without it, no country can think of growth and prosperity. The healthcare sector makes sure that the human resource of the country grows in quality every other day, which, in turn, ensures that the productivity of the nation will also rise.

Regardless of the level of development and growth attained by any country, it is therefore of much importance that it continues to focus on its healthcare sector to offer sustenance to its current level of well-being. The healthcare sector faces unprecedented challenges from time to time as a fresh set of diseases and viruses evolve. The medical care sector never turns its back no matter how difficult the times are and always fights shoulder to shoulder to restore normalcy.

The primary weapon the healthcare sector uses to ward off the diseases is technology today. From detection to treatment and post healing care, the entire healthcare industry depends on technology these days. But, when an unknown enemy invades the territory, it always becomes more challenging to restrict as the healthcare sector suffers from a lack of experience and expertise in managing such an unknown factor.

COVID-19 that has already swept the world by storm is one such kind. It is a mutated version of an earlier known virus that has turned its biochemical composition upside down to assume a more lethal identity. An easy-to-spread virus that transmits from one man to another is one of the most contagious bio-factors the world has ever known. In the face of such an emergency, the entire world is fighting hard to combat the forces, hardly known.

One thing that makes COVID-19 dreadful is that science and technology have no vaccines or medicines as a cure for this virus. If the human immune system responds well and generates an antibody to fight the infection, the infected human can be saved. Apart from giving life support, the healthcare sector has no other way to ensure a road to fitness for a patient suffering from COVID-19 infection as of now.

Though the whole of the medical care industry is putting its best to develop a vaccine or a medicine for the virus, the same has not yet been confirmed by any country, and the researches require a lot of money, which is undoubtedly another obstacle in these hard times.

As the economies are sinking, and the regular business volumes are shrinking every day in geometric progression under the lockdown that the whole world is experiencing, Jeff Bezos, the CEO of Amazon Web Services has offered a lump sum of $20 million to for corralling the work and expertise of 30 research institutions to help catalyze the process of making an effective weapon to fight Coronavirus. The declaration had offered the healthcare sector a sigh of relief at the time when the industry was struggling severely to battle the perils posed by the virus.

With the existing technology and precautions, the spread of COVID-19 might be restricted to some extent, but the virus seems not controllable.

Importance Of Disease Detection

The sudden outbreak of COVID-19 proved that the healthcare sector has several areas that are needed to be mended. From the lack of enough life supports to a lack of adequate diagnostic services and techniques, the healthcare sector has plenty of scopes to develop it to fight the unforeseen dangers like COVID-19 in the future.

When it comes to treating a disease, the first step towards the same is diagnosis. Without a timely and accurate diagnosis, no disease can be adequately treated. If the issues can be detected at an early stage, the physician can be in a better position to advise on the next course of action. Diagnostic research is another avenue that requires much attention. Without research and development programs, sustainable improvements cannot be thought of.

The healthcare sector had the requirement for all these advancements for long, but it was COVID-19 that made these requirements all more glaring. The cloud giant, Jeff Bezos, has affirmed that with the money contributed for COVID-19 support, the healthcare sector will not only get aids to support the eradication and control of the pandemic but also will have enough to develop its infrastructural efficiency to ensure better and more technologically sound facilities in the future.

Hence, the financial support of Jeff Bezos will also ensure a safer future of the world apart from helping the sufferers at present. The augmented services and technology of AWS would b supportive of every research done by the experts to meet the demand of the day.

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