Lockdown Has Filled Many People, According to Reports from Scott Atlas, Radiologist & White House Covid Advisor

Controversial White House’s coronavirus advisor and radiologist. Dr. Scott Atlas, targeted Dr. Anthony Fauci, and labeled the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases as a “political animal” and dismissed the idea of additional coronavirus lockdowns in America.

Appointed by President Donald Trump back in August 2020, Atlas made remarks during his appearance on a show on Fox News, Laura Ingraham. He attacked Fauci, a widely respected man, for saying that America “couldn’t be positioned more poorly” and further lauded Pfizer’s Covid-19 vaccine stating that its doses may only be available for recipients holding high-priority by December 2020.

Atlas said, “Maybe he has cheered up due to election. All kinds of prognostications were made, everything was negative, only to undermine the reality of timelines, and the President. Once your resort to something like that, you become a political animal losing credibility.”

Ingraham agreed with Atlas, and they called Fauci “Joe Biden’s political pundit.”

Atlas also uttered harsh words for the director of the University of Minnesota Center for Infectious Disease Research and Policy, Dr. Michael Osterholm, who is also a newly appointed member of the task force of the president-elect. Osterholm also warned of the forthcoming “COVID hell” coming during the winter, and pointed to the increasing pressure on the healthcare system, while speaking in favor of more lockdowns.

Atlas took a different stand, “Lockdowns killed people, destroyed families, increased risks of drug overdose and suicide, missed critical illness diagnosis like cancer, missed prompt medical care, and all that is happening with this lockdown. However, when things open up, the coronavirus shall come back, and this is happening in Europe, we are seeing this in many other states here that introduced strict lockdowns.”

He further claimed that people supporting lockdowns either do not understand the science or they are simply lying, or do even know what science is.

However, Atlas did walk back his remarks a day later and twitted that it is paramount to save lives and there would not be personal criticisms anymore in publication, or media, irrespective of the differences in solutions offered by the policies or different data interpretations.

Unlike Osterholm and Fauci, Atlas is just a neurologist without any formal training in infectious disease treatment. He garnered criticism for encouraging coronavirus herd immunity – which is an idea that Covid-19 shall become more manageable once more and more people contract the disease and develop its antibodies – as the only solution to this pandemic.

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