Medical School Applications Skyrocketing, Propelled By COVID-19 and the ‘Fauci Effect’

Epidemics and pandemics have always been an inalienable part of human history. The recent novel Coronavirus pandemic has once again exposed the inadequacy of medical facilities all over the world. At present, the world is experiencing its second year of pandemic, and the health care system is already on the verge of breaking.

With rising work pressure, increasing personal health risks and a general sense of helplessness, medical workers themselves are facing a tough situation. In many places, frontline workers have decided to call it quits, unable to deal with the mounting pressure. However, on the flip side of the same crisis, medical schools are also experiencing a record number of enrollments as per a new survey.

In fact, statistics reveal that there is nearly an 18% spike in the applicant numbers compared to the previous years, despite the overall fall in college enrollment numbers. This sudden rise in numbers poses several questions, and experts are trying to understand the situation from various angles. Find out what they have to say, along with all the likely causes.

What Experts Say?

There is no one singular reason that can be used to explain the spiralling numbers. Some opine that the availability of free time means that aspirants can now go through the entire lengthy application procedure. At the same time, other experts have even gone on to the extent of comparing it with reactions to other catastrophic events in American history.

For instance, when America faced one of its most traumatic terrorist attacks in September 2011, there was a huge increase in men and women entering the military. So it is likely that similar reasons also sparked the enrollment to the medical schools.

Growing Interest in Medical Line

When Covid-19 first hit, experts had already forecasted the horror it was likely to cause. Patients will exceed the capacity of the hospitals. And indeed, hospitals are overwhelmed, which makes the health workers choose who they would admit, which is leading to more deaths. Since the covid-19 pandemic has highlighted the role of a health worker, the interest in medicines may have seems to have risen.

Job Availability

Experts say that another reason for the surge in medical school applications is the job crisis after the pandemic. Pandemic did give a reality check that we can’t go without doctors for their well-being. To save a life has to be one of the most fulfilling and rewarding professions.

Going through this nightmare is definitely going to make people adapt to changes.  Most of the educational courses are being delivered online. With the innovation in the educational sector, medical students are likely to join the medical workforce immediately.

Fauci Effect

Many aspirants are also joining the field, inspired by the contributions made by luminaries such as Anthony Fauci, MD, director of the National Institute of Allergy And Contagious Infections. Admission officers believe that such public figures profoundly affect the aspirants who want to join the noble profession and make contributions like him. Some have even described this new phenomenon as the ‘Fauci Effect’.

Future-Ready Programs

The future medical workforce has to be impromptu with their thoughts to take valuable decisions in dynamic and complex situations. They should empathize with their patients and, of course, have the ability to work with technology.

And the medical curricula are going to develop their logical thinking, leadership quality and polish their skills to face challenges in the field.

While there is a surge in the applications, it is going to be even more difficult to stand out in the interviews. Competition is tough, the interview is tough, and landing a seat even tougher.

Final Thoughts

Covid-19 has once again shown us the gaps which need to be filled. There are upcoming workers who not just dream of becoming physician, but aims to bring visible change in the medical system. No individual should go without being untreated or undiagnosed. It is by giving them quality treatment and making them aware of the hurdles and access to tests and information.

Access to tests will lead to innovations and new solutions with modern technology. sepStream is one such reliable and trusted software solution that will provide quality contribution in radiology. It provides error-free imaging at an affordable price. Such software will help healthcare workers to attain a sustainable healthcare system. Ultimately, this will benefit patients as they can have cheaper, fasters, and effective solutions and treatments.