Radiologist Base Pay At 371K and 5th Most Needed Specialty

Radiologists or radiologic technologists are in huge demand. It is evident from many latest reports that place radiology among the top medical specialties year after year. Here’s what the 2018 Report of Merritt Hawkins presents:

Another citation is from the Medscape Radiologist Compensation Report 2018 that shows:

All these reports confirm that more numbers of medical aspirants are inclined towards radiology as the career choice. There are many reasons and facts that support it:

The Future Job Outlook

As per the reports of the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the radiologic technologists’ jobs are projected to increase by 12% between 2016 and 2026. Talking about the sub-specialty fields, the Bureau presents the following picture:

It also states that due to the projected rise in the cases of health conditions like cancer and Alzheimer’s disease, the diagnostic imaging procedures too are slated to increase in demand.

The Average Income of Radiologists

Meritt Hawkins 2018 report for radiologist compensation places radiologists at number 5 with the average income of $371,000 per year. Further, it is worth noting that the annual income high numbers are reported to be $6,50,000 making it a promising field to enter in.

Radiology Low Avg. High
2017/18 $309,000  $371,000 $650,000


Advancement in Technology

Technological advancements in the field of radiology are one big factor that grabs attention. One good example is that of the rising use of Artificial Intelligence in diagnostic imaging procedures. The latest instances of developing deep learning algorithms across the United States have signaled that the technology would be of great significance in the fast, accurate and more useful analysis of images that would enhance the overall value of treatments.

Companies like sepStream® have come up with the teleradiology solutions that aim at streamlining the workloads, developing effective communication routes for image sharing and better storage of electronic medical records. The company’s cloud-based PACS, RIS and EMR solutions are not only HIPAA compliant but also aid workflow orchestration in a big way.

Variety of Work Environments

Radiologists are required in all types of medical facilities and healthcare setups. This lets radiologists choose among a variety of work environments that cater to their preferences. Some of the top options include:

  • Hospital imaging centers at general as well as surgical hospitals
  • Private clinics and offices of physicians
  • Outpatient care centers and independent radiology centers
  • Federal executive branches and state agencies
  • Medical and diagnostic laboratories
  • Forensic laboratories
  • University educational research laboratories
  • Veterinary facilities

In addition, mobile imaging service too is a trending field of employment in radiology.

Radiology Degree Can Be Obtained Fast

It is possible to earn a degree in radiology in 18-24 months. It means that you would be ready to begin your career in 2 years. You may continue to study the field advancements and add worth to your career prospects.

Radiology plays an important role in modern healthcare. With the options of specialized training in the field, it can also be an interesting career option to choose.