Survey Records High Levels of Psychological Stress, Anxiety In Radiologists During Pandemic

Radiologists in the United States of America are experiencing increasingly high levels of psychological stress and anxiety during the ongoing pandemic reveals a new survey released recently.

Polling approximately 700 physicians, an estimated 61 percent of respondents labeled the level of their anxiety at 7 or more on a scale of 10 points. The numbers correlated with the state of the doctor to contain an outbreak, as per reports of Southern California experts in the Clinical Imaging magazine.

Natalie Demirjian, together with the USC Keck School of Medicine in Los Angeles, and colleagues wrote on August 28, 2020, “In keeping with similar findings related healthcare fields, our data backs up the fact that radiologists also experience extreme anxiety and psychological effects due to the pandemic.

Also disclosed, the average score of anxiety, according to the study, was 6.72. Radiologists are trying to cope with their stress in some common ways. While 67% of them reported having been spending quality time with their families, the other 57% said that they were exercising. Several respondents said that work kept them busy. Meanwhile, others said that they have neglected themselves and never considered self-care because of the large number of Zoom meetings. “Personal health” has also been marked as a strong indicator of high levels of anxiety.

Deṁirjian and his colleagues administered a 43-question anonymous survey in early April 2020, familiarizing the queries from AO Spine Foundation’s own surgeons’ poll. They pointed out that participants utilizing multiple sources, such as the Association of University Radiologists’ and the  American Society of Emergency Radiologists’ list of memberships – with the list of 44 states.

Demirjian also acknowledged that there has been a drastic change in attitudes in this field, considering the fluidity of this ongoing crisis. She warned, “Although the study provides a sneak peek in time, the pandemic, in nature, is extremely  dynamic, with daily challenges confronted by U.S.  radiologists will undoubtedly evolve as the number of Covid-19 cases continues to rise.”

Findings of the aforementioned study are as under:

  • Approximately 43% responded in either “no” or “I do not know” when they were asked if they could easily access Covid-19 testing
  • Nearly 76% affirmed that the medical center was fully prepared for any surge in daily cases, but only 40% said the institution has a mass casualty imaging plan
  • The most common and primary diagnostic approach was a chest x-ray (46%) to investigate the virus, and 43% las testing
  • Almost 84% felt the leadership of their hospital to pandemic response was appropriate or acceptable
  • The majority were anticipating or had already experienced a pay cut (56%), whereas 11% expressed that they have lost part pay or they have been laid off completely during this crisis
  • The most common stressors were family health at 71%, personal health at 47%, and financial health at 33%
  • Besides family and workout, the third most common strategy to cope was watching television at 44%, reading at 34%, and talking to friends at 33%

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