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IBM Watson Flops in Healthcare

IBM Watson has been in the news for a long time, both for good and for the wrong reasons. According to an expert, Gary N. Smith, the company has tried its luck in the health care field with IBM Watson. It was more about offering smarter ways to handle the medicine field and different activities. […]

Machine Learning Used to Find COVID-19 Treatment

The entire world is battling with a deadly viral infection, famously called the COVID-19. Countries from all over the world have come together to fight the adverse effects of this disease on humankind. However, the battle is still on, and scientists are trying to get the best treatments for this condition. The advancement of science […]

White House, COVID-19, And AI

Fighting COVID-19 has emerged as the most critical issues of the world at present. Before the arrival of COVID-19, the world had several problems related to economic aspects, social aspects, environmental aspects, and much more. But all the varieties of issues seem to have merged into one so far as COVID-19 has appeared. This new […]

University Starts ‘Ethical AI’ Graduate Program

Technology and science have turned the world upside down. Tasks that were earlier considered difficult or impossible are now getting done without much effort. Tasks that took weeks or months to get done are now getting completed within hours. All these have been possible owing to the remarkable and unimaginable progress in the field of […]

8 AI strategies from the White House

Technology is making rapid progress in every sphere. There is hardly any domain in today’s world that does not imbibe the advantages of technology to make its operations perfect. Especially when it comes to applications and functionalities of the healthcare sector, technology has changed the definition of efficiency and productivity for the sector. Today, detecting […]

AI and Mental Health Research

Over 45 million people in America alone are coping up some kind of mental illness. The nature and scope of their treatment can also vary tremendously. Can Artificial Intelligence help? AI enabled facial analysis is helping researchers in assessing mental health. In an objective manner, by managing algorithms detecting behavioral biomarkers instead of subjective exams, […]

AI is a Growing Market for Entrepreneurs

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a booming market for businesses. When it comes to AI applications in medical sciences and health care, there is a steady influx of entrepreneurs, as per reports released by the Entrepreneur. Brian Hughes, CEO, Integrity Marketing & Consulting wrote, “This technology stands up on the cusp, ready to improve nearly every […]

FDA Grants Clearance to AI-Powered Imaging System

Subtle Medical Inc., a California-based medical device company, has received clearance 510(k) from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to market its SubtlePET solution. SubtlePET is an Artificial Intelligence (AI)-powered advanced imaging system that allows the healthcare providers to improve image quality with the aid of Positron Emission Tomography (PET) scans. This would lead […]

Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare

The practical limits on consumer-grade computer memory have prevented a large number of application types from entering homes or businesses until the 64-bit barrier was broken. Once it became possible for relatively inexpensive computers to address virtually unlimited amounts of memory, data sets which were too cumbersome for less advanced computers became usable, and new […]