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Blockchain Could Be The Great Cost, Time Saver In Healthcare

The healthcare system is one of the most critical domains that maintain the overall quality of the human resources available in a country. Without the smooth and efficient functioning of the healthcare sector, no country can expect to grow seamlessly or maintain its growth curve upwards. Hence, it is of paramount importance that the healthcare […]

Major Companies Selected In FDA’s Drug Tracking Block-Chain Pilot

Healthcare is one of the most important domains that determine the overall quality of the human resource of a given place. For every country in the world, it is of paramount importance that it has a healthy human resource base to plan for effective progress and to keep the economy growing. Without a stable health […]

Blockchain could Change Patient Health Records

Personal Health Records, or PHRs, are the most advanced medical records that give patients personalized, fine-grained, and secure access to personal health records. It makes self-management and cares much easier. With the emerging trends around Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technology, more solutions to technology-enabled nuances, specifically data exchange, data access, and support content, would likely […]