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Medical Specialty Associations Write a Letter to Congress Making Six Requests

A number of medical specialty associations, including the American College of Radiology, Radiology Business Management Association, and other healthcare provider groups have written a letter to Congress, asking the national lawmakers to relieve radiology practices that have been until great turmoil due to the COVID-19 outbreak. Requests Made in the Letter The letter that has […]

RSNA Task Force Develops Guidelines for Best Practices on COVID

RSNA, the Radiological Society of North America, has assigned a special Covid-19 Task Force to publish a document of practices to be followed by radiology departments. Considering the present scenario of the Covid-19 pandemic, a large number of hospitals, clinics and institutions are also establishing their local guidelines. The aim of these guidelines is to […]

Lessons from Italy’s Response to Coronavirus

Gary P. Pisano , Raffaella Sadun. (2020). Lessons from Italy’s Response to Coronavirus. Read more at https://hbr.org/2020/03/lessons-from-italys-response-to-coronavirus?utm_medium=email&utm_source=newsletter_weekly&utm_campaign=weeklyhotlist_activesubs&utm_content=signinnudge&referral=00202&deliveryName=DM74485

CMS Open Enrollment for COVID-19

While the beneficiaries of CMS (Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services) are highly at risk of Covid-19 and its devastating effects, the agency is now relaxing its rules to cover its clients. While a large majority of its clients are more than 65 years of age and are at high risk for coronavirus infection, CMS […]

What We Can Learn from Italy’s Response To COVID-19

The entire world is fighting with the harsh effects of the infamous coronavirus, as it has turned into a pandemic. Every policymaker is trying its best to provide sustainable solutions to this situation. However, the current conditions remain critical for many countries across the global platform. One of the countries that have suffered a tremendous […]

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