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Diagnostic Imaging Pay Continues To Drop Except Nuclear Medicine

Healthcare is one of the primary aspects that every nation needs to look after to keep the population healthy and working. The better the quality of a country’s human resources, the higher are the chances of the nation to ascend the stairs of success and prosperity. With phenomenal advancement in science and technology over the […]

3 Strategic Tips For Radiology Practices To Emerge Stronger From The Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic is probably the deadliest pandemic that the world has faced in the last 100 years. Apart from taking millions of lives across the world, this lethal pandemic has also changed the operational and financial intricacies of the healthcare sector. Like every other domain, the radiology sector has received a hard blow from […]

7-Steps Plan Recommended by ACR to Resume Radiology Practices

The world has come to a halt over the last few months. In order to contain coronavirus and keep its spread under control, almost all the industries, offices, markets, and establishments across the globe have gone under complete lockdown. But since it is not possible to keep the world economy closed until a potential vaccine […]

How A Large Healthcare System Reduced Variation In Radiology Reports

Healthcare is the backbone of any country. If the healthcare system of a nation is not sound, the chances are slim that the nation would ever be able to register steady growth. Healthcare decides the overall quality of human resources, which, in turn, is a critical component of economic prosperity and growth of a country. […]

Can CDS Reduce Waste?

There is a growing concern about the overuse of healthcare resources, which includes imaging. Researchers are on a mission to determine if a clinical decision support (CDS) tool can help less experienced clinicians reduce inappropriate use of imaging. A study conducted by a single institution analyzed over 5000 CT and MRI imaging orders collected before […]