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Radiologic Technologists Suffering From Lower Morale, Happiness during Pandemic

In today’s modern world, the medical system is unthinkable without its imaging staff. Radiology plays a crucial role in every step of treatment. Be it the correct diagnoses of the disease or its management, physicians constantly take the help of radiologists to render the proper treatment. Even amidst the Covid-19, chest radiographs are proving extremely […]

Should Patients Receive Their Radiology Report Immediately? Here’s What Experts Think

It is always difficult for the patient as well as the family when one is diagnosed with some severe disease. Anyone who faced this difficulty would know how tension and anxiety could take a toll on him or her. That is why patients are always eager to receive their medical test reports as quickly as […]

50 Multi-parties US Senators Express Support To Stop Pay Cuts On Medicare for Radiologists

The Covid-19 pandemic is perhaps one of the worst crises that the world has experienced in the modern era. While the situation has been tough on every front, the medical system especially has been stretched to its absolute limits. Medical professionals are working tirelessly to meet the needs of the patients that far exceed their […]

Biased Selection Committees Favor MDs Over Do Applicants, According to 90% Radiology Residents

Almost 90 percent of radiology residents claimed that the residency selection groups preferred allopathic applicants over the ones pursuing osteopathy. According to the result of a 13-question anonymous survey of over 250 residents published in the Current Problems in Diagnostic Radiology, this was claimed. DO-credentialed docs further claimed they were likely to be shunned away […]

Google and Amazon Speaker Assist Interventional Radiologists

If you believed in the limited abilities of smart speakers like Google Home or Amazon Echo, it is time to think again. Doctors are now using these devices to provide better voice-based medical care. During many medical procedures like surgeries, it is often impossible to use computers. In such cases, doctors are relying on voice […]