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Patient accessible reports may be the future of results

Increasing Demand for Coherent Medical Reports The primary purpose of a medical report is to gain a clear picture of what medical condition the patient is suffering from. Based on the report, the physicians suggest an effective remedial and treatment measure. But with increased knowledge and engagement from the patients, they are now demanding easy […]

Will AI Replace Radiologists?

The technology of Artificial Intelligence has made its way across diverse industries over the last few years, and its impact on the healthcare industry, especially in the field of radiology, is absolutely clear. AI has a huge range of potential and applications in radiology, ranging from improving diagnosis to enhancing workflow, thereby shifting a human […]

3 Reasons Why Radiologists do not Need to fear AI and Deep Learning

Deep learning has achieved a certain level of success over time. As a result, several questions are raised in the field of medicine with respect to automation of the several tasks undertaken by radiologists. In an editorial published in the Journal of the American College of Radiology, a radiologist and an author raised the question. […]

How Radiologists Can Minimize Distractions, Reduce Burnout and Become More Efficient

Burnout is a major issue that affects radiologists more than medical practitioners in any other specialty. Several factors contribute to exhaustion in the medical profession but radiologists face the major impact because of great pressure to perform more in lesser time. Bureaucratic workload, lack of autonomy in their field, and their compensation related directly to […]

How Radiologists Need to Handle Challenges of High Deductibles Health Plans?

The high deductible health plans (HDHP) are trending like never before. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, 42% of workers covered under employer medical care plans had high deductible plans in 2017. The idea of paying low monthly premiums while opting for high deductibles is attractive, though a number of outcomes have become the […]

Better Communication In Diagnostic Imaging

Radiology stands at the center of the healthcare system. Almost everyone passes through the imaging department at one point in their life whether it’s for a simple medical test or advanced treatment techniques. In most cases, the department’s overall efficiency is highly dependent on effective communication between physicians. But why does this seem to be […]