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Deep Learning Predicts Mortality Rate From Chest X-Ray

The quality of human resources largely depends on the quality of healthcare services of a nation. If any country wishes to grow in terms of economy, the human resource available in the nation must remain fit and healthy. In order to ensure the same, the healthcare sector of the country must operate optimally. Also, there […]

ACR Praises Amendment To Billing Legislation

The healthcare sector is one of the most critical and essential sectors across the globe. No country can think of sustainable growth if its population does not remain healthy. The average well-being of the national population largely depends on the efficient working of the healthcare sector of the nation. The health care sector in any […]

Neuroimaging Helps ID Teens At Risk Of Excessive Drinking

Life goes through various stages of growth. As a person grows, the physical and mental change that morphs the person from a toddler to adult, cast an impact at every stage of growth. Every level of transition between the stages of life impacts the behavior of the person concerned profoundly. Sometimes, various tendencies appear in […]

If Healthcare Learns To Share, Blockchain Could Transform Radiology

Technology has invaded every sphere of the industries today. No matter which domain of business or practice you are referring to, smooth operation for each depends on technological advancement these days. From keeping records to delivering Healthcare, too, has not escaped its influence and has changed its services and practices drastically after accepting several tools […]

California Imaging Center Manager Sentenced To 5 Years

The recent-most case of kickback scheme from South California has been revealed by an efficient team of investigators that exposed the acts of bribery of Gonzalo Paredes, the office manager of advanced radiology and Ronald Grusd, the owner of the radiology center. Their role in the multi-million dollar kickback scheme ended up with a punishment […]

Make Way for the Millennials-or Else

The new generation believes in endless opportunities offered by the digital world of mobile phones, hi-tech gadgets, and social media. Being the torchbearers of an ever-evolving digital world, they are probably more dependent on technology than any other generation. As a result, the directors of radiology residency programs are focusing on varied methods of training […]

Debate on AI Ethics

While Artificial Intelligence (AI) is an important turning point in radiology, the ethical aspects are debatable. The American College of Radiology (ACR) together with the Society for Imaging Informatics in Medicine (SIIM) and other imaging societies together published a draft document entailing the future of AI and its ethical uses. The European Society of Radiology, European Society of Medical Imaging Informatics, RSNA, American Association of Physicists in Medicine, and Canadian […]

The Ethics of AI

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is undoubtedly beneficial. It has improved patient outcomes and made radiology more efficient. However, some great challenges remain and researchers believe that AI cannot be trusted completely. Global imaging societies and their representatives are collaborating on a   live document outlining a clear set of AI ethics to be used in radiology. In order to prove the point of ethical guidance about AI, major radiology organizations from America, Canada, and Europe have jointly drafted the Ethics of AI in Radiology for the community. The American College of Radiology published the consensus draft document, which was co-authored by the American Association of Physicists in Medicine (AAPM), […]

Analytics Can Be Used to Increase Report Turnaround Time

The use of medical imaging has grown exponentially over the past decades, and so has the workload of radiology. However, analytics-driven worklists could help musculoskeletal practices in terms of faster MRI read times. According to a study published in the American Journal of Roentgenology on February 26, 2019, it could also reduce potential burnout. The […]

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