Walmart and Imaging

Healthcare, no matter how noble the task may seem, is a business at the end of the day. If the economic feasibility of the services related to the healthcare industry fails to stand, the sector will fail to meet the market demand as well.

The prosperity and sustainability of a nation depend largely on the health of the population. It is the people of a place that makes for its human capital. And, it is the optimal utilization of the human resources that brings prosperity to any country. Now, if the quality of health of the people will be poor, the economy will suffer for sure.

Hence, the healthcare system needs to reach the maximum number of people at the earliest. To distribute the benefits of a good healthcare system, a country needs to involve more entities in the field.  If the business houses with adequate means ever get to participate in the process of the healthcare system, the same can be beneficial for the mass.

Keeping the same in mind, Walmart stepped into the field of healthcare distribution. This made sure that more facilities will become available to more number of people. The higher the reach of the healthcare facilities, the better will be the quality of human capital.

When the retail pioneer decided to enter the domain of healthcare, initially there was a buzz in the market. Any variety of abnormality always attracts the attention of the market. And with no pre-existing evidence of retails giants catering to the healthcare domain, this revolutionary step of Walmart surprised many.

Plenty of people believed that this move could prove to be detrimental to the health of the Walmart business itself. However, Walmart proved all the speculations wrong and carried out their operation successfully. This move not only enhanced the reach of healthcare facilities but also reduced the prices, adding a competitive edge to the industry.

The Beginning

Walmart started to offer low-cost services to all the people living in the area where they set up their health care facility hubs. Jacksonville was the first place they chose to establish their healthcare clinic.

These locations offered the people some of the most important and demanded health care services.  X-ray services, laboratories, diagnostic imaging, emergency care units, dental care units were some of the essential services Walmart offered. What made these services different from the rest was the price. While all of these services were available in the market before Walmart, the retail giant only made these more accessible for all.

The very first health service location was set up in Georgia. Walmart started operating last September towards making healthcare facilities more affordable and accessible. It offered typically 50% lower prices for the primary care services available in the market.

No matter what the insurance status of the patient, Walmart aims at making pricing more transparent. It is also taking initiatives to partner with health analytics companies to introduce imaging services shortly. Employees with insurance coverage for the same will be entitled to avail of the high-quality imaging services after the launch of the same.

The Progress

The motto of Walmart was to spread healthcare services across the country. Hence, it started to open at new locations. Last month, two new places became a part of the Walmart healthcare locations list. Loganville in Georgia and Springdale in Arkansas are the two names to be specific.

For Arkansas, the Springdale facility center is the first one in the state. It is offering alternative care options to the people. Operating on a smaller scale, it is all geared up to set new benchmarks for the state.

The Future Plan

With an already expanding volume, Walmart also has plans to expand further. The retail giant also mentioned that Florida is the state with the most number of retail outlets of Walmart. And that they will be opening facilities in Sunshine State next year.

Sean Slovenski, the Senior VP of Walmart U.S. Health and Wellness further claimed that the pandemic had aggravated the demand for healthcare facilities. He also added that more people are becoming jobless owing to the pandemic and its regressive impacts on the economy. Therefore, the availability of quality healthcare at a reasonable rate has now become essential.

Plenty of people across the boundaries of the USA have lost their health insurance. The pandemic and the economic recession have made the lives of millions vulnerable. Given the grim situation, the loopholes in the American Healthcare system have also surfaced. Sean Slovenski further added in his 22 July announcement that Walmart understands the people’s requirements. Hence, the company is diversifying to reach the maximum number of people to aid them.

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