Walmart Health has ‘bold ambitions’ to ramp up expansion into imaging and other care

One year ago, Walmart opened its first-ever Walmart Heath clinic in Dallas, Georgia. With an aim to become America’s trusted healthcare provider, the company ventured into high-quality, preventive health services at affordable and transparent prices.

Established in September 2019, Walmart Health began operations at its doctor-run clinic in Dallas, offering services like X-rays, dental exams, and annual checkups. And after successfully dabbling in healthcare for one year, Walmart is all set to expand its footprint in the field of imaging and related services.

Walmart Is Quickly Opening More Locations

As consumers face sharply climbing healthcare costs, the Arkansas-based company is diving deeper into the healthcare field, opening in-store clinics to grab a slice of the $3.6 trillion that Americans spend annually on healthcare services.

Currently, Walmart Health is running five in-store clinics in Georgia, including one in Cartersville and Arkansas. It is on track to open seven more locations in Georgia by the end of this fiscal year and two health centers in Chicago by fall this year.

The company also plans to open seven new locations in the Jacksonville area in 2021. And conversations about developments in Orlando and Tampa markets are also underway. With so much on the cards, Walmart aims at becoming the healthcare service provider of choice in America. Over the last year, the team at Walmart Health has been prioritizing how the company can be a leader in securing improved health outcomes for people, on their schedule, and within their budget.

Walmart Is Partnering with BLOX

BLOX is a renowned manufacturer of medical modules. In an effort to ramp up its expansion plans, Walmart Health has recently inked an association with BLOX to standardize its manufacturing process. This will enable the company to accomplish more with fewer resources and serve the customers more efficiently.

Through this collaboration, Walmart Health is eyeing tailored healthcare solutions to meet the precise needs of different communities.

Walmart Health Observes a Future-Proof Strategy

In just one year of existence, Walmart Health has generated immense patient satisfaction for the quality, convenience, and price of care offered. Alternatively, the medics report satisfaction with the integrated care model and the incredible ability to meet the various health needs of the community. And this is why Walmart Health is looking to expand its operations and cover maximum locations.

Walmart Health’s low and cost-effective pricing structure has made healthcare affordable for everyone, irrespective of the insurance status. The company provides one single location for urgent and primary care services.

For patients who require specialty services, currently, Walmart makes referrals out to other healthcare providers in the area. However, Walmart’s President of Health and Wellness, Sean Slovenski indicated that the company might be open to offering more specialty care in the future. The company is aggressively expanding to new locations to offer basic healthcare services first. Further down the line, they will add to it.

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