Walmart Launches Its 5th Retail Health Center, Pushing Its Way Into Imaging, And Plans For More

Walmart continues its drive to enter into the imaging market, launching the fifth health center in Newnan, Georgia.

Located approximately 40n miles to the southwest of Atlanta, this state-of-the-art facility provides services like diagnostics and X-ray, dental and labs, primary care, disclosed the retail giant. This is the fourth Walmart Health location in Peach State. Another similar center is operating in Elm Springs, Arkansas.

Marchus Osborne, Walmart Health’s Senior VP, narrated in a statement, “As we expand across Georgia, we are committed to bringing our communities quality healthcare, and we are excited to offer Newnan specialized community health resources, online education and in-center workshops to educate the community about preventative health and wellness.”

In addition, the company operates nine different ‘Care Clinic’ locations based in Texas and Georgia. However, those also provide a concise list of diagnostic options excluding x-rays, according to the official website. In September 2019, Walmart Health opened for the first time in Dallas, Georgia, followed by the second center in February. Qualified and experienced healthcare professionals such as physicians are a part of the team together with community health care workers available on site to help patients in navigating their visit.

During the earnings call of the corporation last month, Walmart officials said that they are “committed to healthcare,” in spite of challenges faced during the pandemic. They are also planning more clinic locations based in Chicago, hoping these services also help consumers. The Elm Springs clinic in Arkansas is much smaller than other facilities, mentioned the CEO and President Doug McMillon. He also said that Walmart is working to understand the exact square footage required to meet the needs of the equipment.

On August 18, McMillion was on a call with investors, and according to Seeking Alpha transcript, he said, “It’s been interesting to watch how customers are interacting with that experience during the Covid-19 environment. The team has done a great job, and the medical doctor and other professionals, in the clinic of keeping people safe, and demand is still strong in an environment where people are not unquestionably taking advantage of a lot of preventative care. So, it’s really, I think, interesting and exciting for us to try and figure this out, and even during this Covid-19 period of time, we’re understanding and figuring it out.”

Walmart, located in Bentonville, Arkansas, presently operates 11,500 stores worldwide under 56 banners and in 27 countries. At least 265 million consumers visit the Walmart stores weekly, and the Walmart Corporation logged revenue of $524 billion during the fiscal year of 2020.

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