What We Can Learn from Italy’s Response To COVID-19

The entire world is fighting with the harsh effects of the infamous coronavirus, as it has turned into a pandemic. Every policymaker is trying its best to provide sustainable solutions to this situation. However, the current conditions remain critical for many countries across the global platform.

One of the countries that have suffered a tremendous loss due to COVID-19 is Italy. Across the other European countries, this one has suffered significant damages due to this pandemic attack of the coronavirus. According to the statistics, the country has registered around 193k cases, with 25969 reported deaths.

Italy Paid A Huge Expense To COVID-19

Among the other countries that have suffered severely, Italy seems to be one of the top ones on the list. To combat these situations, one needs to understand the reasons behind the number of deaths in Italy. The other countries need to understand these reasons properly to control the pandemic and the causalities across their regions.

So, what leads to the occurrence of so many deaths in Italy? Did the policymakers not consider the effects of COVID-19 or were not aware at all? What were the obstacles faced by these policymakers in controlling the spread of the diseases across their land? These are some of the questions that we all want to know more about but are quite stressed out to even think about them.

But why are we not focusing on the current situation that happened in Italy and learning from their actions? It is time that we all scrutinize the circumstances to learn from the responses of Italy towards COVID-19. Here are some explanations for the failure and current difficulties faced by many countries concerning the spread of COVID-19:

  • Inability to Identify the Potential Threats

One of the first mistakes done by many countries was to overlook the effects of the disease during the first few weeks. Although several scientists had given early warnings about the potential for a disaster, yet it wasn’t quite crucial to the policymakers. According to them, the economy of a country must not panic as there wasn’t any potential danger involved with this virus.

Along with this attitude, several countries overlooked the entire pandemic attack of the virus and resumed their regular schedules. That is what led to the development of many active cases across these countries and eventually resulted in deaths. It was indeed essential to understand the effects of the disease and come up with profitable solutions.

  • Incapability to Provide Solutions

Another thing that we all need to learn from Italy would be the importance of systematic solutions to combat the effects of COVID-19. During the initial times, the entire country needed to go under a strict lockdown period to control the spread of the disease. However, the policymakers took a lot of time to realize this fact and impose the same thing within the country.

The entire idea backfired, and the country took a lot of time to understand the importance of the lockdown period. By that time, the majority of the population was severely affected by the coronavirus.

What we all need to understand that mass testing is exceptionally crucial for the identification of the affected ones across the global platform. But countries also need to realize that it is essential to go under the self-isolation period until the eradication of the disease from a particular region. Such a strict rule would help in lowering the number of active cases in a specific area.

  • Awareness of the Safety Measures

It is always good to learn from the better ones. Such theory is applicable during this time too. Many countries like South Korea, China, Taiwan, and Singapore have already given some valuable lessons to fight this disease. It is quite natural that not many citizens would comply with the entire self-isolation concept provided by the policymakers in a country.

But is every citizen aware of the current situation and the pandemic COVID-19? Is every citizen aware of the effects of COVID-19 and potential remedies? Many countries, unlike Italy, used constructive approaches to reach out to every individual with the impacts and the solutions to fight corona. Every region needs to learn how to spread awareness concerning little facts about COVID-19.

People need to be aware of the simple ways to save themselves from contracting this disease from other beings. Every policymaker needs to look for strategies to provide adequate essentials to the citizens of the country. Along with these, countries need to carry out mass testing procedures to identify and isolate active cases as soon as possible.

Only through self-isolation and proper medical facilities, the world can survive this battle with COVID-19. It is time for all of us to understand these simple facts and maintain proper hygiene. We need to abide by the isolation period to eradicate this virus from this planet permanently.

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