White House, COVID-19, And AI

Fighting COVID-19 has emerged as the most critical issues of the world at present. Before the arrival of COVID-19, the world had several problems related to economic aspects, social aspects, environmental aspects, and much more. But all the varieties of issues seem to have merged into one so far as COVID-19 has appeared.

This new generation Virus that has morphed from an older type of virus now has a much-developed RNA that pierces through the human body cell to make them really sick. Though the fatality rate is not very high, COVID-19 has already managed to credit itself with the infamous identity of being an epidemic source. WHO has already declared the COVID-19 as a global epidemic, and the entire world is fighting hard to overcome this grave situation.

The worst thing about this battle is that humans have no tested weapons against this virus. Since it is a newly evolved virus, science and technology are becoming of little help to combat this lethal virus. Apart from the life support arrangements and precautionary measures, there remains very little that we can do to manage the virus.

Coronavirus has already claimed the lives of thousands across the world and is terrorizing the world more with every passing day. Individual efforts or localized efforts might not be of adequate proportion in order to fight the dark shadow to Coronavirus. To fight this demon, the world must unite and put all its strength together to bring everything back to normal.

The Global Fight

So far, the healthcare system has always faced challenges in which it fought with the best technological weapons it had at its disposal. Ever since science and technology have progressed, the healthcare sector has always used the very best of the techniques and tools to make sure that every disease and its treatment is taken care of.

Even today, when the OVID-19 pandemic is taking a toll on the human race, the healthcare sector is standing firm and fighting the war against the virus from the frontline. However, besides outrage, determination, dedication, and commitment, such a war against a partially known enemy always depends on the availability of the best technology, expertise, and equipment that the healthcare sector is lagging right now.

To address this problem and to empower the human spirit with technology, the White House has already decided to bring together several organizations of ample expertise to form a consortium that would be raging the war against the virus globally.  The idea is to unleash the full potential of the world-class supercomputers of America.

In an announcement made on 23rd March, the White House has already urged the researchers engaged in vaccine development, cure technique innovation, and treatment method improvements to apply for having access to the computer power to work together to fight COVID-19. This integration would mean coming together of all the expertise and only the best can be expected out of such quality unions.

The Consortium

The consortium would include entities from various federal agencies, several major IT corporations, laboratories, and two technical institutions of higher learning. Organizations that would be contributing to this consortium from the industrial domain are IBM, Amazon Web Services, Microsoft, Google Cloud, Hewlett Packard, etc.

As far as the academic circle is concerned, names like Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and Massachusetts Institute of Technology would be a part of the consortium. Organizations like NASA, Argonne, Oak Ridge, Los Alamos, Lawrence Livermore, Sandia National Laboratories, and National Science Foundation would be joining in from as federal government bodies.

Undersecretary for science in the DOE, Mr. Paul Dabbar further explained that by allowing the researchers, access to the world’s leading technology, the probability of ending the pandemic would be enhanced.

The Method Of operation

The world today is thinking of ways to fight against the COVID-19 pandemic. With the help of this consortium constituted of the best researchers, the world would be in a position to eradicate the pandemic. With all the expertise navigated in one direction, the best of the way outs can be devised.

The consortium will be taking care of all the COVID-19 related research proposals that can be submitted through an online portal.  A panel of researchers and scientists will assess the proposals thoroughly. The motto of the panel would remain to find out the solution that can offer rapid impacts.

Hence, this team effort would be a productive attempt towards finding ways to eradicate the pandemic.

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