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Hospital Setups Mission Control Like NASA in Houston

The healthcare institutions have recently administered the concept of Mission Control Centre along with GE Healthcare. They use analytical predictions to integrate patient care across eight of CHI Franciscan’s critical care hospitals. About Mission Control Center In July, GE Healthcare and Canada-based Humber River Hospital announced their partnership to construct one of the first command […]

COVID-19 And Telehealth

Since the initial outbreak of the novel coronavirus in the city of Wuhan in China, by now, the deadly virus has taken the lives of more than 199K human beings across the globe. Apart from the region from where COVID-19 originated, several countries in the continent of Europe and Asia are being affected significantly. The […]

Machine Learning Used to Find COVID-19 Treatment

The entire world is battling with a deadly viral infection, famously called the COVID-19. Countries from all over the world have come together to fight the adverse effects of this disease on humankind. However, the battle is still on, and scientists are trying to get the best treatments for this condition. The advancement of science […]

Machine Learning Can Flag Violent Patients Before They Strike

Healthcare is a domain directly related to human welfare. Most of the people have access to health care for services pertaining to medical requirements. Without proper healthcare services, no society can survive the modern-day medical hassles. With time the diseases have become more complex and multi-layered. The Healthcare sector ensures that everyone gets the best […]

CDS Improves Imaging

Healthcare is one of the most important sectors of any country. Worldwide, millions of people get benefitted from this sector and its services. Healthcare is a mandatory part of any society, and the better it is, the higher becomes the quality of the human resources leading to the better potential of growth. No economy or […]

Virtual Gadolinium May Give The Real Thing A Run For Its Money

Healthcare today has gained a much-revised shape with technology as an integral part of it. Ever since technology has invaded every sphere of our lives, it has also changed the dimensions of the medical care sector and its standards. The service expectations and service provisions have become coincident with technological advancement. The quality of medical […]

If Healthcare Learns To Share, Blockchain Could Transform Radiology

Technology has invaded every sphere of the industries today. No matter which domain of business or practice you are referring to, smooth operation for each depends on technological advancement these days. From keeping records to delivering Healthcare, too, has not escaped its influence and has changed its services and practices drastically after accepting several tools […]

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