CDS Improves Imaging

Healthcare is one of the most important sectors of any country. Worldwide, millions of people get benefitted from this sector and its services. Healthcare is a mandatory part of any society, and the better it is, the higher becomes the quality of the human resources leading to the better potential of growth. No economy or […]

Virtual Gadolinium May Give The Real Thing A Run For Its Money

Healthcare today has gained a much-revised shape with technology as an integral part of it. Ever since technology has invaded every sphere of our lives, it has also changed the dimensions of the medical care sector and its standards. The service expectations and service provisions have become coincident with technological advancement. The quality of medical […]

Neuroimaging Helps ID Teens At Risk Of Excessive Drinking

Life goes through various stages of growth. As a person grows, the physical and mental change that morphs the person from a toddler to adult, cast an impact at every stage of growth. Every level of transition between the stages of life impacts the behavior of the person concerned profoundly. Sometimes, various tendencies appear in […]

If Healthcare Learns To Share, Blockchain Could Transform Radiology

Technology has invaded every sphere of the industries today. No matter which domain of business or practice you are referring to, smooth operation for each depends on technological advancement these days. From keeping records to delivering Healthcare, too, has not escaped its influence and has changed its services and practices drastically after accepting several tools […]

University Starts ‘Ethical AI’ Graduate Program

Technology and science have turned the world upside down. Tasks that were earlier considered difficult or impossible are now getting done without much effort. Tasks that took weeks or months to get done are now getting completed within hours. All these have been possible owing to the remarkable and unimaginable progress in the field of […]

8 AI strategies from the White House

Technology is making rapid progress in every sphere. There is hardly any domain in today’s world that does not imbibe the advantages of technology to make its operations perfect. Especially when it comes to applications and functionalities of the healthcare sector, technology has changed the definition of efficiency and productivity for the sector. Today, detecting […]

California Imaging Center Manager Sentenced To 5 Years

The recent-most case of kickback scheme from South California has been revealed by an efficient team of investigators that exposed the acts of bribery of Gonzalo Paredes, the office manager of advanced radiology and Ronald Grusd, the owner of the radiology center. Their role in the multi-million dollar kickback scheme ended up with a punishment […]

Acronyms and Jargon in Imaging

The healthcare sector deals with several difficult terms which sometimes become difficult to be written in full. Writing every word in full requires more time and space, and the file sizes also get enhanced. Hence, abbreviations play a critical role in making record-keeping work precise and organized. If the healthcare industry had to write the […]

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