Radiology Ready for AI?

The medical circle is abuzz with the benefits of Artificial Intelligence or AI for various healthcare procedures. Its use in the radiology circuit is being discussed quite rampantly and the FDA has also recently approved a number of AI-based medical solutions. AI-based services are already being utilized by radiologists for detection of cancer, critical result […]

ACR Asks Radiologists To Help Cut In Ultrasound Reimbursements

There is an increasing demand for radiological services in the United States. It can be attributed to several factors ranging from a growing aging population to the requirement for better diagnostic facilities. But, the American College of Radiology (ACR) has recently brought forward a new challenge faced by the industry. The Centers for Medicare and […]

William W. Orrison, Jr. MD, MBA

For the past two decades, William W. Orrison, Jr., MD, MBA, served as a consultant, advisor, and friend to Seppi Technology Associates, LLC until his unexpected death on Oct. 19, 2017.  His death has left a deep hole, that can never be filled in the medical community as well as in the hearts of the […]

RSNA 2018: How AI can Help, but also Hack into Medical Imaging

The use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and web-based services have largely benefitted the world of medicine. From sharing medical records and diagnostic images to transferring critical reports, the internet has immensely helped patients all over the world. But, the increasing use of such technology has also ignited security concerns. A group of researchers based in […]

MRI Used to Check for Psychosis

A recent study published in the ‘Proceedings of the National Academy of Science’, has interdenominational-sensitive MRI (NM-MRI) as a potential biomarker of psychosis. The test is a marker of dopamine function in patients of schizophrenia. It indicates the severity of various psychotic symptoms. The test was initially used to detect neuron loss in neurodegenerative patients. But, […]

fMRI May be Able to Help with Emotional and Physical Pain

People suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) often experience immense emotional and physical pain. A recent study conducted by researchers from the University of California, San Diego, found that functional MRI (fMRI) can be used to significantly reduce the pain. fMRI can be used for noninvasive vagus nerve stimulation which can considerably reduce the pain […]

A Tool to Make FDA Drug Approval Practices Transparent

The U.S Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is entrusted with the responsibility of evaluating and approving medicines for varied medical conditions. The FDA Center for Drug Evaluation and Research (CDER) acts as a regulatory watchdog for all pharmaceutical companies. After extensive research and testing, pharmaceutical companies need to approve medicines from the CDER, before launching […]

Physical Unfitness has a Price

Physical fitness remains one of the key aspects of maintaining lifelong health. Its profound impact on cardiovascular health has also been noted. A recent study has also found physical unfitness to be a primary cause of chronic health issues later in life. Recent Studies A recent study published in ‘Annals of Internal Medicine’ analyzed data from […]

UN Predictions of AI in Healthcare

According to the United Nations (UN), several industries are likely to witness a rise in the use of AI-enabled apps and products very soon. The latest report clearly shows that over 340,000 AI-based patent applications were filed since this futuristic technology was introduced back in the 1950s. Most of those applications were also published after […]

Clinical Decision Mandate

With the latest CDS (Clinical Decision Support), also called the Medicare Appropriate Use Criteria (AUC) Program, mandate released for advanced imaging tests, changes could affect more than six million emergency department visits per year. The estimate was published in a Radiology study this January.  This law shall be effective from January 2020. In 2014, Congress passed […]

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