Teleradiology Is The Future

The Healthcare sector is one of the primary domains that ensure the overall health of the mass. No nation can think of sustainable growth if the human capital of the country is not healthy.  And this is the very task the medical care sector has been entrusted with. To ensure good health, timely detection of […]

COVID-19 and Neurological Issues

Now it’s been almost a year since the novel coronavirus began spreading from one part of the world to another. With every passing day, since the outbreak, the novel coronavirus kept on spreading fast from one country to another, and within a quick time, it encompassed the entire world. In a period of ten or […]

Iron substitute for gadolinium

Company Funded under STTR to Develop an Iron-Based Alternative to Gadolinium Contrast Media Gadolinium contrast media, also known as MRI contrast media, dyes or agents, is a chemical substance used in MRI scans and exams to make the internal body organs more visible. However, the medical industry is concerned about the effects of gadolinium on […]

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