Deep Learning Predicts Mortality Rate From Chest X-Ray

The quality of human resources largely depends on the quality of healthcare services of a nation. If any country wishes to grow in terms of economy, the human resource available in the nation must remain fit and healthy. In order to ensure the same, the healthcare sector of the country must operate optimally. Also, there […]

Machine Learning Used to Find COVID-19 Treatment

The entire world is battling with a deadly viral infection, famously called the COVID-19. Countries from all over the world have come together to fight the adverse effects of this disease on humankind. However, the battle is still on, and scientists are trying to get the best treatments for this condition. The advancement of science […]

White House, COVID-19, And AI

Fighting COVID-19 has emerged as the most critical issues of the world at present. Before the arrival of COVID-19, the world had several problems related to economic aspects, social aspects, environmental aspects, and much more. But all the varieties of issues seem to have merged into one so far as COVID-19 has appeared. This new […]

ACR Praises Amendment To Billing Legislation

The healthcare sector is one of the most critical and essential sectors across the globe. No country can think of sustainable growth if its population does not remain healthy. The average well-being of the national population largely depends on the efficient working of the healthcare sector of the nation. The health care sector in any […]

CMS Gives Reprieve To Radiology Payments Due To COVID-19

The world today is facing one of the deadliest challenges ever. Throughout the journey of civilizations, humans have faced the threat of epidemic several times. Earlier, when the healthcare system was not much developed, and the medicines and other resources were limited, any disease with the potential to spread fast used to become of epidemic […]

Machine Learning Can Flag Violent Patients Before They Strike

Healthcare is a domain directly related to human welfare. Most of the people have access to health care for services pertaining to medical requirements. Without proper healthcare services, no society can survive the modern-day medical hassles. With time the diseases have become more complex and multi-layered. The Healthcare sector ensures that everyone gets the best […]

CDS Improves Imaging

Healthcare is one of the most important sectors of any country. Worldwide, millions of people get benefitted from this sector and its services. Healthcare is a mandatory part of any society, and the better it is, the higher becomes the quality of the human resources leading to the better potential of growth. No economy or […]

Virtual Gadolinium May Give The Real Thing A Run For Its Money

Healthcare today has gained a much-revised shape with technology as an integral part of it. Ever since technology has invaded every sphere of our lives, it has also changed the dimensions of the medical care sector and its standards. The service expectations and service provisions have become coincident with technological advancement. The quality of medical […]

Neuroimaging Helps ID Teens At Risk Of Excessive Drinking

Life goes through various stages of growth. As a person grows, the physical and mental change that morphs the person from a toddler to adult, cast an impact at every stage of growth. Every level of transition between the stages of life impacts the behavior of the person concerned profoundly. Sometimes, various tendencies appear in […]

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