Gadolinium Remains in Gliomas

According to a recent study published in the Neuroradiology, a team of researchers has identified gadolinium. The study involved identification of gadolinium from MRI contrast result in gliomas, which lies next to normal brain tissues and the necrosis.

In addition, the Finnish team discovered gadolinium retention to be much higher in patients receiving liner gadolinium-based contrast agents (GBCAs) compared to the macrocyclic GBCAs.

Aida Kiviniemi, MD, Ph.D. from the Turku University Hospital in Finland wrote in research, “To our knowledge, this is the first study to provide quantitative data of gadolinium retention in gliomas and neighboring normal brain with respect to tumor enhancement and type of GBCA used. Despite the fact that GBCAs have been used for decades in MRI of brain tumors to identify BBB breakdown and characterize tumor vasculature, only one previous study can be found where gadolinium deposits in brain tumor biopsies have been evaluated.”

Kiviniemi together with colleagues collected data from 69 patients and studied. These patients were freshly diagnosed with primary glioma and had undergone contrast-enhanced MR imaging prior to surgery. Seven patients also received a linear GBCA and 62 remaining patients were exposed to the macrocyclic GBCAs.

Out of the samples taken, gadolinium was found in 39 glioma tumor samples (57 percent), 8 normal brain samples (62 percent) and 12 necrotic samples (86 percent). Retention was observed in both enhancing as well as non-enhancing tumors. Higher gadolinium retention was observed due to linear GBCAs exposure compared to macrocyclic GBCAs.

The authors of the study also wrote, “While the clinical significance of gadolinium retention into the brain remains unsolved, the European Medicines Agency has taken a significant step and has given recommendations to suspend the usage of certain linear GBCAs related to gadolinium accumulation. In the USA, the US Food and Drugs Administration require warning labeling to all GBCAs.”


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