Prof. Hilbert: ‘The merger between biological and AI has already crossed beyond any point of return’

History is the metaphor of time that upholds all the moments of amazement together. Also, it helps us understand the path of evolution for the human race. From biological sciences to mathematical derivations, history escapes nothing while compiling information regarding time.

The world has evolved from a mass of gas to its present natural opulence through plenty of metamorphic processes. One of the times history marks in bold is when humans started agriculture and learned to use metals daily. Accordingly, we come across the ages named after metals. Who has not come across the details about Bronze Age or Iron Age?

The second time when history geared up to make further markings was when humans started to use energy to their benefit. Both events changed the human way of life on earth. Hence, both are milestones in the journey of human development. With science and technology advancing at a never before pace, we are all set to welcome the third monumental metaparadigm.

The Journey Of AI

Ever since AI came into the market in the year 2008, the way the economies and the social setups worked changed dramatically. Even though the common understanding of AI is not profound, people don’t shy away from using AI for the same. No matter if you understand how a robot or a chatbot works, you surely use those as and when needed.

This is the magic of AI. It does not want you to understand to use it. Today, no one can think of a day without the internet or a smartphone. For communication as well as works, technology has become essential. And the way it is changing the ways of our lives marks a distinct departure from what our lives used to be. Hence, the social parameters are altering, and the dependence on technology is increasing day by day.

Even the business world has become a part of this technology hunt. With every variety of operations, communications, and transactions getting integrated into the process, businesses are also finding it difficult to avoid changes. The best part is, technology has reduced the geographical barriers to a considerable extent. This, in turn, has made the global market available for all. Hence, economies are depending on AI innovations more than ever.

Consequently, we are approaching a time that will mark a paradigm shift in lifestyle trends based on AI. Health is one of the primary pillars the entire human development rests on. Hence, medical sciences are also adopting the benefits of AI promptly. According to the experts, the medical care sector is all set to transform its operations in light of the latest AI innovations. Apart from improving service quality, the domain is also anticipating a notable change in the amount of reach through these adoptions.

Prof Hilbert On AI

The Dialogues in Clinical Neuroscience article, penned by Martin Hilbert, Ph.D., marked the AI induced alterations. It illuminated further the connection between the information age and its depiction in the records of the time. The historians are still not sure about the name to give to our very time of technology and information. However, Hilbert described the interesting times as the “most recent period of ancient and incessant logic of societal transformation.”

Considering the entire duration of 1970 to 2000, he further remarked that the changes gradually and chronologically came into being. According to him, the order started with a post-industrial society and ended with the digital age and information age. While information economy, information society, fifth Kondratieff, and information technology revolution were the in-between phases, he remarked.

This man of erudite, possessing two separate doctoral degrees in communication and economics/social sciences, further claimed that accurate categorization of this time would be best done by time. However, right now, we are going through long waves of the ever-evolving information age, he further added.

The revolutionary changes AI has already made in the field of medical science are surely commendable. The cancer detection and use of speech recognition in establishing communication between patients and doctors are the two most extraordinary achievements undoubtedly. Hilbert also added that the way AI had intermingled with the societal operations, in the future, the two would be hardly separable.

Plenty of people don’t even know how much they depend on AI. After all, the automobile antilock brake system or the autopilot in planes is nothing but AI forms. From electric grid control to online matchmaking, there is hardly anything AI does take care of.

Hence, it is an all-pervasive technology today, and the future depends largely on the careful execution of its advancements. And, the future societies and economies would be relying on AI more than anything for sure.

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