COVID-19 And Telehealth

Since the initial outbreak of the novel coronavirus in the city of Wuhan in China, by now, the deadly virus has taken the lives of more than 199K human beings across the globe. Apart from the region from where COVID-19 originated, several countries in the continent of Europe and Asia are being affected significantly. The life-killing virus has infected more than 2,173,432 people as of now.

Currently, the world has come to a standstill owing to the coronavirus pandemic. The immunity power of people who are aged or disease-affected decreases significantly on being attacked by the coronavirus, and it is becoming a challenge for the doctors to boost their immunity level and health conditions.

Outbreak Of COVID-19 

The majority of the countries across the globe most affected by the coronavirus pandemic immensely are consistently losing its citizen every passing day in staggering numbers. As per the direction of the World Health Organization (WHO), the Government and local authorities of all affected countries have imposed nationwide lockdown in an attempt to minimize the spread of the coronavirus or COVID-19.

Lives of hundreds and thousands of people are getting disrupted massively due to the enforced restrictions that include practicing social distancing, maintaining hygiene, staying at home and many more. All responsible authorities in every country have constantly been urging its people to self-quarantine themselves at home to slow the spread of the infectious virus.

Availability Of Essential Services

The majority of the countries have implemented stringent restrictions only to contain further spread of the coronavirus. Business organizations across all sectors that are not on the list of essential service providers have been asked to conduct operations online to adhere to the social distancing protocols.

Amidst the global crisis, healthcare providers, surgeons, nurses and physician assistants are responsibly carrying out their duties to save affected people by putting their own lives at risk. People are allowed to go outside their homes only for essential services. Due to the lockdown restrictions, people are going through a never-before-experienced worrisome phase in the present time.

Telehealth Services Amidst Global Crisis

Due to the lockdown restrictions in order to combat coronavirus effectively, access to anything else other than necessary items and services currently is not possible. In such a scenario, telehealth platforms are coming to the rescue of people who are in dire need of essential medication or require consulting health specialists during the ongoing period of crisis.

Advancements in digital technology have empowered medical care providers and specialists to reach out to people across geographical barriers instantly online and provide necessary healthcare services remotely. Read on the following to know about the effectiveness of leveraging beneficial telehealth platforms and acquiring comprehensive medical solutions despite coronavirus lockdown.

Online Doctor Consultation

Even if you are unable to get out of your home, you can still easily consult a health specialist by leveraging one of the reputed telehealth platforms. All you need is your mobile or laptop and a strong internet connection to communicate with a doctor nowadays. Telehealth facilitates healthcare professionals to monitor the health conditions of patients remotely and guide them to take the necessary precautions and medications to mitigate an illness effectively.

Wide Outreach

People who live in the suburbs and interiors are the most deprived ones when it comes to receiving healthcare facilities. Travelling to a nearby hospital or a clinic might take several hours for such people. Hence, to meet the need of these individuals, the number of telehealth platforms has increased rapidly in recent years. Telehealth plays an effective role in reaching out to interiors and enabling more people to access essential medical care services.

Healthcare Quality Improvement

In these times of crisis, when there is a strict travel restriction, you can make use of a telehealth platform to avail necessary health care services conveniently from your home. Telehealth is responsible for improving the quality of healthcare services significantly, and the picture is becoming clear when people are in home-quarantine. Providing necessary medical services and treating severe health conditions remotely are now a reality.

Saves Cost & Increases Satisfaction

To contain the spread of coronavirus, staying at home is the need of the hour for every individual; however, on the other hand, acquiring essential healthcare services for treating health issues is too vital. Doctors can conduct more diagnoses and health checkups remotely, even without requiring the patients to step out of their homes. It is helping both the doctors and patients to minimize the risk of getting exposed to the deadly coronavirus. Due to the presence of telehealth platforms, one is not required to waste money on travelling expenses anymore and also can have enough peace of mind.

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