Machine Learning Used to Find COVID-19 Treatment

The entire world is battling with a deadly viral infection, famously called the COVID-19. Countries from all over the world have come together to fight the adverse effects of this disease on humankind. However, the battle is still on, and scientists are trying to get the best treatments for this condition.

The advancement of science and technology plays a significant role in the lives of humans. The scientists come up with different innovations and discoveries to combat the harmful effects of pathogens around us.

Not only that, with the discovery of artificial intelligence, but we have also managed to design several user-friendly devices for our daily use. But the real question lies, is whether we can utilize this technology to find adequate measures for COVID-19 or not.

What is COVID-19?

COVID-19 refers to a disease, which is caused by the virus SARS-CoV-2. Doctors identify the disease around the initial weeks of December 2019 in China, WHO has declared this disease to be a global pandemic. COVID-19 is the name given to the Coronavirus disease, which severely affects the human respiratory tract.

In the initial stage, the infected person shows regular flu symptoms. However, with the passage of a few days, the virus causes excessive difficulty in breathing. It is a highly infectious disease and has the ability to infect any human coming in contact with the infected person.

The disease can be fatal, and more than a few thousand have been the victim of this disease. Still, now, there isn’t any concrete treatment available to combat this disease. But with time, it is spreading all over the world exponentially. However, with the usage of artificial intelligence technology, few eminent scientists believe that there might be a scope to fight this deadly virus.

Potential Treatment of COVID_19 with AI Technology

AI happens to be a potentially strong and powerful tool that has a significant function in controlling this pandemic. Different names are used to signify this technology for the generation of data-based models for prediction, pattern recognition, and explanation.

These terms include Computer Vision applications, Machine Learning, and Natural Language Processing. According to the experts, these aspects of AI technology can diagnose, predict, and even treat the infections to manage the socio-economic impacts.

Since the outbreak, these scientists have been studying the variables of this technology immensely to explore data analytic tools and AI. The quest to find the best treatment and assessment program is still going on and continues to do so to date.

Antibody-Based Treatments For COVID-19

One of the things put forward by two scientists claims that they can create AI algorithms to give rise to antibody-based treatments for COVID-19. They also claim that the AI algorithms have the potentiality to pull off this function within a week that might not be possible for the researchers to do in a year.

Some studies show the rise of a 12-member start-up organization named EVQLV. The reputed officials of the company called Brett Averso and Andrew Satz claim that there is an incorporation of around five years along with half-billion dollars for such work. This is used to develop and utilize such antibodies to combat the harmful effect of the corona disease virus. Coming from the desks of the two prominent students of the Columbia University’s Data Science Institute, Averso and Satz also claim that their algorithms can cut down the rates of expensive experimental lab failures.

According to these professionals, they focus on reducing the downstream failures often occurring in the labs. They also state that they aim to develop such machine-learning algorithms that can help to save both money, time along with producing high-end results.

Development of IPA

According to the reports, the company EVQLV is currently focusing on developing Immunoprecise Antibodies or IPA. The company happens to be a bioscience research organization that concentrates on developing therapeutic antibodies to combat diseases like COVID-19. The scientists hope to collaborate and accelerate the efforts to produce therapeutic antibodies for fighting against COVID-19.

The professionals believe that their creation will help to identify and screen thousands of millions of potential of the antibody treatments within a few days only. Such work seems to be quite impossible and also beyond the capacity of any leading laboratory in the bioscience industry. Also, with such machine-learning algorithm screenings, IPA will be able to produce and carry out tests with the most prominent antibody candidates.

Along with that, such discovery of antibody treatment can speed up the recovery process as well as initial stages of medications in the market. This can ultimately lead to the development of potential and effective therapy for the disease COVID-19. Although research is still going on, researchers are hopeful of delivering potential results shortly for the benefit of humanity.

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